Debut 2.0 On-Wall Lautsprecher – OW4.2

Debut 2.0 On-Wall Lautsprecher - OW4.2
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Debut 2.0 On Wall-Lautsprecher

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German New Tweeter with Wide-Dispersion Waveguide

German A new silk-dome tweeter features a wide-roll surround and takes response up to 35,000 Hz for even more lifelike high frequencies. The waveguide improves directivity control and eliminates the diffraction modes inherent in traditional box enclosures.

German New Woven Aramid-Fiber Woofer

German The revised shape of the aramid cone offers even greater stiffness and damping, far superior to polypropylene or paper. The added strength allows more flexibility in design to achieve a smoother, extended low-frequency response.

German New Cabinets with Easier Placement

German Thick MDF cabinets with a luxurious black ash vinyl finish are larger, and internally braced for greater stiffness and strength, greatly reducing cabinet vibrations which cause unwanted coloration. On the Bookshelf and Center Channel, moving the bass port to the front of the cabinet means placement against walls or in bookshelves won’t compromise performance.

Optimized Center Speakers

Recognizing that in a multi-channel system the majority of sound comes through the center speaker, we have optimized sensitivity and impedance to minimize the power requirement from the AV receiver, maximizing dynamic impact from lower cost receivers.

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